The purpose of supplier management is to integrate multiple sorts of suppliers and their contacts on single page. A powerful tool that permits you to track and manage interactions with suppliers to create your sourcing method well manageable for you. Next-gen supplier management tool to manage suppliers and their contacts simply to concentrate on quick sourcing.

Lets see how squid facilitate to manage suppliers:

1. Squid suppliers list:

More than 1000 suppliers are accessible that listed by their type, country and contacts. A tool where integration of authorised and independent suppliers is listed to form supplier finding a lot of versatile to purchase engineers in OEMs/EMS industries. you'll choose supplier as per your sourcing need.

2. Add new suppliers and contacts:

Allows you to add more suppliers those are not listed in squid record . You can put new suppliers in squid suppliers list to make your supplier network more stronger. You can likewise add new contacts to existing and new suppliers list to develop more supplier contacts.

3. Manage preferred suppliers:

Add the suppliers in the preferred suppliers list that you like most often for sourcing components. Adding suppliers in prefer list can assist you to avoid wasting time to seek out suppliers throughout sourcing activities.

4. Apply Filters:

Identify supplier and their contacts from massive list by applying filter. applying filter can keep you far from time consumption to search out needed supplier and helps to form your procurement in an exceedingly quicker manner.