Communicate with Squid Parts to make your procurement process more flexible.

Latest version of Squid Parts API:  API v1.0 is the latest version of squid parts API.  

Who will use Squid Parts API:

  1. Squid parts API v1.0 is useful for OEMs, EMS and CM organisation to pull procurement data from Squid cloud software into your organisations ERP system.
  2. Small to medium scale and large scale product manufacturing organisations can use Squid API to manage their all procurement activities. API will helpful to all those organisations who are in electronics components /semiconductor sourcing process.

How Squid API will more helpful to make your buying process easy:

  1. When you use Squid parts cloud based software system to complete your procurement process, then it'll manage and keep the detail record of procurement process however all this data is in Squid system, If you would like it in your ERP system then you've got to feature it manually, it'll take your more time and conjointly probabilities of data inaccuracy.
  2. By using squid API you'll pull suppliers data, RFQs and suppliers quotes directly in your ERP system, it'll assist you more to manage everything in your ERP system.
  3. Using API v1.0 , you will ready to pull and push procurement connected data to and from your ERP system thus it'll assist you to manage your RFQ list, suppliers, quotes with none complexness and track procurement history in your ERP system.
  4. As we all know procurement of components is extremely critical and time intense process for any organisation, thus to avoid all sophisticated tasks throughout component sourcing, take the advantage of squid API v1.0 to form your sourcing process straightforward and well manageable for you.