Hello Everyone! It was an enriching experience to visit Electronica – a place for electronics enthusiasts to meet bi-yearly in Munich.

We met Octopart team and discussed our product. Dan Schoenfelder and Chris Calvi were kind enough to personally visit our booth and spent the time to go through and help with their guidance. API from Octopart will help Squid users to see online stock and price information for the parts they are sourcing.

Elektor backed many hardware startups to showcase their products in Electronica. Had a chat with a few of them.

Dutch startup Productronics has a brilliant idea of being a “start-up” in EMS. In just their second year, director ir. Edwin Bongers mentioned how their methodology makes them suitable for high-quality production at low quantity but also allows “Ultra-fast” delivery in just days. Really breaks the perception of large-scale infra of an EMS. Definitely disruptive!

On the other hand, CeLaGo sensors are “stretching” the Foil-strain gauges to new levels with gauge factors up to 30, allowing much higher sensitivity of deformation. We met their Chief Production Officer Mario Cerino and discussed their challenges on scaling up production.

Cocktail Joe puts technology to right use by creating a machine that creates a cocktail on a touch of a button. Programming the bottles of rum, juices and whiskeys must have been fun! On top of that, the project is completed within the family by a father and three sons. Can't beat that!

Also discussed our software with Digikey. It would a breeze for Squid users to purchase with Digikey if their Ordering API is integrated into Squid.

On the last day, we were surprised by Ivan Lazarevic, senior director of engineering at SupplyFrame. It was really flattering to hear that he “notices” us and had a great chat about the SupplyFrame products and Squid with him. We already love SupplyFrame. This made us like them even better.

All in all, it was a great experience. Happy sourcing!

SQUID PARTS Booth at Electronica 2018,Munich