1. Siemens Teamcenter PLM:

Siemens Teamcenter PLM is a cloud-based tool. Teamcenter helps you effectively manage the bill of materials (BOM) as a critical part of design and manufacturing by providing clear, current and accurate product definitions, specific to the needs of teams and users. Get started with Teamcenter by taking control of product data and processes, including 3D designs, electronics, embedded software, documentation etc.

2. PTC Windchill:

PTC Windchill PLM software offers comprehensive capabilities to help manufacturers manage their products during all phases of the product lifecycle. windchill manages the CAD models, documents, technical illustrations, embedded software, calculations etc. PTC Windchill streamlines the exchange of large and small files. It provides a centralized location in which vendors and customers can share content like designs and other critical information.

3. Dassault Enovia:

Enovia is powered by 3D Experience platform. Design management promotes effective collaboration among global teams and extended value chain. It has design management, product planning, and product management solutions. BOM management ensures product engineers create and maintain a complete and updated product information record which is needed in purchasing, manufacturing, selling, and supporting the products.

4. Oracle Agile PLM:

Oracle defines Enterprise PLM as a strategic approach to managing the lifecycle of a product throughout its full value chain, from initial requirements gathering through to design, prototyping, production, customization, and service etc.


Features of SAP PLM-

  1. Deliver high-quality products throughout every phase of the product lifecycle.
  2. Accelerate product development by integrating supply-chain and procurement management.
  3. Measures and track resources, safety, and maintenance.
  4. Optimize productivity by its advanced features.

6. Autodesk PLM 360 (Autodesk Fusion):

Autodesk PLM 360 is a cloud-based product lifecycle management software. it is affordable and easy to use software used in all size of companies to develop, manufacture, and deliver products more efficiently.

7. PTC Creo PLM:

Creo is a flexible 3D design tool to help you design, visualise, and analyse your product under the process of development. PTC Creo PLM designed for small to medium scale businesses, large enterprises.

8. Elbats MES:

Elbats MES is an integrated platform that combines the functionality of manufacturing execution software and product lifecycle management software to meet the requirements of factories and manufacturing companies. The platform provides crucial processes such as electronics production management, changes in material complexity, information management, shortening product cycles, and speeding up production-delivery times, among others.

9. Infor PLM Discrete:

Infor PLM Discrete provides a resourceful environment to boost the processes of product design and development and associated management procedures. Infor PLM Discrete also allows the manufacturers to store, share, import, export, and manage documents through a central data system. The product data can be retrieved according to employees role and permissions granted to them. This helps in easy data transfer and between the team and better data tracking.

10 Infor PLM Optiva:

Infor PLM Optiva is specially designed for process manufacturing companies. Process manufacturing is the process where products are manufactured in bulk. Infor PLM optiva has all the tools to ensure that every single product manufactured under 100% quality and regulatory rules.