As an Electronics product manufacturing company i.e, OEMs/EMS/CM or hardware startup, selecting the right supplier should be your high priority.

Why it is important to select right component suppliers to grow your business:

  1. Selecting the right supplier will impact on business growth because receiving components from suppliers in defined time will save you from manufacturing delay.
  2. Supplier should have high quality components from original manufacturer as it will reflect on the quality of the final product. Failure due to a low quality of single component can cause the failure of the entire product. Top quality component increases the reliability and sustainability of the product. It is necessary to check that the supplier you have selected should provide high quality components to avoid any future loss.

Know the type of component distributor/Supplier :

  1. Authorised/Franchise Distributor:

Authorised distributor is the most common choice of any professional purchase engineers. There are some advantages to source components from authorised distributors- 1)Authorised distributors buy components directly from manufacturers, so you can trust on quality of the components 2) They have huge stock of components, to avoid any manufacturing delays you can buy required components from authorised suppliers.  3) Mouser, digikey, Avnet, element14, Arrow etc. these are some authorised distributors. You can join ECIA, a free service to purchasing professionals, design engineers and anyone in need of electronic components price and availability information from franchised distributors

2. Independent Distributors:

Independent distributors do not have any tie-up with the component manufacturers, but they are specialised in stocking the specific category of components. During component shortage Independent distributors plays an important role to get the components on right time. If you want obsolete parts then Independent distributor is the correct choice because independent distributors have large stock of obsolete parts than the authorised distributors. Independent distributor of electronics association(IDEA) is a global trade association comprised of organizations dedicated to quality initiatives that provide responsible procurement solutions to the supply chain.

3. Brokers:

Brokers are neither manufacturers nor Authorised distributors. Brokers are same association as independent distributors. When authorised distributors have high lead time, broker is the right option to source components as they deliver shorter lead times than authorised distributors. The main focus of brokers is to buy and sell the components, generally they don't do stock, but they have strong network to buy and sell the components within short lead time.

So as per your sourcing need you can select above suppliers to satisfy your manufacturing requirement.

Supplier selection- Flowchart: